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Westland Survival 2.4.0 Unlimited Food

Westland Survival 2.4.0 [Mod APK with OBB Data] Mod: Menu-VIP-Free Craft

The environment here is designed in a beautiful way that can attract any player at the first experience. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to experience the activities that can occur here, including the chaos that takes place to start the game.

Players will control the character from a third-person perspective and interact with a number of items around the environment they find. At the same time, the controls are still completely familiar as the navigation buttons on the left side and related actions on the right side. The game offers certain supporting elements for those who are challenging to navigate in the environment of this game. So they can easily take action on those goals.

The story of this game begins when our main character wakes up to find that his town is under attack by armed bad guys. Later, his room was kicked in by a cowboy who wanted to kill him. But one thing is that he can fight back, take down enemies quickly and change his outfit to continue to take down the other guys in town. So this can also be seen as a tutorial of this game for players.

Westland Survival owns an entirely understandable way to play that any player will love that you will experience a world of an MMORPG. You will control the character and do what is required inside this game to have specific progress. At the same time, this is a world where there are dangers everywhere that you will need to face, and there are many things you can find in this game.

Westland Survival 2.4.0 Mod Features

1. Unlimited Durability
2. Unconditional crafting of items
3. Unlimited split
4. Unlimited damage
5. The characters are invincible
6. Run as 1
7. Unlocked the blueprint
8. Unlocked paid items
9. Unlocked VIP
10. Unconditional Construction
11. Get rewarded with no ads
12. Ignore the level requirements of the workbench (the workbench must be built or constructed and the weapon is durable, otherwise it will flash back when used)

Notes :

1. For faster downloading, Download with IDM Full Crack Latest Version
2. Extract files with 7zip x86 or 7zip x64
3. If you don't find the latest version, please leave a comment below

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