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GB WhatsApp v19.32.1 [Latest Update March 2022]

GBWhatsApp APK

GB WhatsApp v19.32.1 Mod APK (Update March 2022)

GBWhatsApp Mod APK is built on the latest version of the WhatsApp and allows you to run three WhatsApp at the same time. Having an Android Device I'm Sure you have installed WhatsApp in Phone. 

You may have introduced WhatsApp on your Android Phone. Just like the famous informing application, everybody may have introduced WhatsApp on your gadget.

Today I am will tell about GBWhatsApp APK. The vast majority of the clients may have found out about this application and the vast majority of them have not. In the present article, we will clear up a portion of the highlights of GBWhatsApp APK and how might you introduce on your Android gadget.

You can appreciate this marvelous MOD of WhatsApp application no your Android gadget from beneath. 

There are numerous mods accessible of WhatsApp on the Internet, yet the best help which we can get is about GBWhatsApp APK for Android.

Features of GbWhatsApp:

GB Whatsapp APK 2022 is designed with the tons of features, and all those features you can use on a smartphone. Following are the features of GB Whatsapp

Auto Reply: Firstly, you can also use this auto-reply feature when you want to reply to any of your friends at any time.
DND: If you are using some other app on your Android phone and don’t want to get disturbed by Whatsapp messages then you can use DND feature to disable the internet connection for GB Whatsapp only.
Text messages Broadcast: You can send Broadcast text messages to groups which is a great feature.
Filter messages: The GB Whatsapp APK is formulated with the Filter Messages feature which provides the user with an option to clear chat which can also filter your messages.
Anti-revoke message: Comes with Anti-revoke messages feature.
Share live locations: Additionally, the user can also share their live locations with friends by using GB Whatsapp 2022.
Outstanding effects: Users can add outstanding and unique effects while sending pictures and videos to their friends and loved ones.
Revoke multiple messages: At one time you can revoke multiples messages.
Send Maximum Pictures: Additionally, as compared to official Whatsapp you can send more than 90 pictures at a time. Also, you can send 50 MB video clip and 100 MB audio clip to your contact.
Endless Themes: Plus, in this modified version of Whatsapp theme feature is also introduced. So there are so many amazing themes and Emojis that you can apply to your phone according to your mode.
Download Statuses: Another great feature of this app is that you can download the pictures and videos of statuses uploaded by other contacts.
Amazing Font: Are you bored from the old font? Then, with this feature, you can choose the font of your choice. Customize your favorite font with this feature.
Messages History: You can check the history of revoked messages from your contacts and groups.
Alter contacts: Alter the media visibility of a particular contact in your gallery.
Mark the unread messages: From the notification, you can mark the read messages.
Select all chat: With this app, one can select the all chats at one time from the home screen.
Hide your status: The voice recording status can be hidden.
Best Image Quality: With GB Whatsapp you can send pictures of high resolution.
Log History: Furthermore, the user can see the log history of all your contacts.
Language: Another best feature, with the help of this language feature, you can select the language from the default lost.
Notification: This app also allows you to get the notification when anyone from your contact lists changes their profile picture.
Pop up Notifications: Another incredible feature of GB Whatsapp APK is that you can hide your pop up notifications of this app from your main screen.

Link Download GB Whatsapp v19.32.1

Notes :

1. For faster downloading, Download with IDM Full Crack Latest Version
2. Extract files with 7zip x86 or 7zip x64
3. If you don't find the latest version, please leave a comment below

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