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Monthly Idol Mod v8.2.9 Unlimited Money

Monthly Idol v.8.2.9 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

If you’re interested in the entertainment industry and would love to enjoy a more in-depth and interesting experience with the jobs, you can now become the owner of your own agency and attempt to bring your best idols to the world. Engage in the exciting gameplay of simulation as you manage an entire entertainment agency with plenty of different jobs to take and objectives to complete.

Develop and manage your agency with the best that you can do to introduce Android gamers to their ultimate in-game experiences. Get your team of trainees, allowing them to debut, take them through various experiences, and introduce your ultimate idol groups or individuals to the world. Have fun with the in-depth and realistic simulation gameplay of Monthly Idol, along with many engaging elements.

In the game, Android gamers will find themselves managing their own entertainment agency with a variety of different tasks that require your attention. Feel free to engage in the exciting mobile gameplay of mobile simulation as you explore the in-depth experiences with the agencies. Attempt to create your own entertainment empire by introducing new and talented artists to the market. Help them to advance in their career paths, and at the same time, make lots of profits from their popularity.

The interesting gameplay of Monthly Idol will allow you to create your own idol characters with unique looks and exciting characteristics. Feel free to have fun with the engaging gameplay of simulation and enjoy your epic mobile gameplay to the fullest. With many in-depth and interesting features, the game will allow mobile gamers to fully engage themselves in the experiences.


-Check the January Coupon at Official social media!
-Happy new year! Check the Special Black Tiger outfit out!
-Added New 18 Outfit sets.
-Added New Special Hair Item.
-fixed some bugs.

Notes :

1. For faster downloading, Download with IDM Full Crack Latest Version
2. Extract files with 7zip x86 or 7zip x64
3. If you don't find the latest version, please leave a comment below

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