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Windows 11 Compact Lite Pro 22000.176 No TPM

Windows 11 Compact Lite Pro 22000.176 No TPM With Defender (Fully Updatable) Aug2021 Pre-Activated

Smaller 11 Pro (22000.176) With Defender
(No TPM Required)​
This form is a refreshed, yet comparative adaptation to my last Compat 11 Pro Build, with a couple of changes, and Windows Defender coordinated. Made for each of the individuals who might like Defender in their Windows construct .

Fixes and Changes From Previous Version:

- Added Windows Defender
- Added Smart Screen
- Added Task View to Taskbar of course
- Added Windows 7 Game Suite, including the accompanying games:
Chess Titans
Free Cell
Mahjong Titans
Insect Solitaire

I've additionally Added TaskbarX and TranslucentTB to the Optional Software Folder
(For the individuals who might want to have a straightforward errand bar)

Is it protected to utilize Windows 11 at this point?

Windows 11 has moved to the Beta channel (as of fabricate 22000.132), which implies it should keep on getting future updates assuming you wish to introduce it on your PC. It ought to be entirely protected to use, truth be told I've introduced it on my own PCs, and it is running smooth and delightfully.

My conservative form of Windows 11 uses about a large portion of the HDD Space of a Stock establishment, and is completely Updatable, as I've seen, and done in my PC, and in VM. This moment is a decent opportunity to attempt Windows 11 if you could jump at the chance to.

This smaller form will run more streamlined and snappier than Stock forms, with changes coordinated.
In the event that you were sitting tight for a Compact form of Windows 11 with Defender included, this is an extraordinary form to take a stab at introducing on your PC, to see what's really going on with Windows 11. - @FBConan

Spoiler: More Info

- This form is centered around Features, Functionality, and Updatability
As a matter of first importance, Performance and Space Savings Second.
- Completely Updatable. Windows Optional Features and Apps can be added.
- One Drive, XBOX Apps, Search, Widgets, Store, MS Accounts and Services are generally practical.
- Execution Tweaks carried out.
- Created by @FBConan
- Not Pre-Activated, Activator on Desktop if necessary.
- Keep in touch with USB with Rufus or your favored Software to Install to your PC.
- On the off chance that you can introduce Windows 10 on your PC, you can introduce this form.
- For Clean Install Only.
- Despite the fact that a pagefile (virtual memory) isn't empowered of course, I HIGHLY suggest most clients (particularly clients who have under 16 GB of RAM) to empower a pagefile. It will save you from cerebral pains . Assuming you don't have the foggiest idea how to set a pagefile, Google is your companion!

Windows 11 Compact Lite Pro 22000.176 Eliminated Features!:

Blended Reality


PageFile (Can Be Enabled)
Hibernation (Can Be Enabled)
A few Services (Can Be Enabled)
Ordering (Can Be Enabled)
Shrewd Screen


.NET FrameWork 3.5

Link Download Windows 11 Compact Lite Pro [No TPM]

Notes :

1. For faster downloading, Download with IDM Full Crack Latest Version
2. Extract files with 7zip x86 or 7zip x64
3. If you don't find the latest version, please leave a comment below

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