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Easy On Me - Lyrics - Chords - MP3 Download | Adele

Adele - Easy On Me

Quoted from Wikipedia - "Easy on Me" is a song by English singer-songwriter Adele released on 15 October 2021, through Columbia Records as the lead single from her fourth studio album, 30 (2021). Her first musical release in nearly five years, "Easy on Me" was produced by American record producer Greg Kurstin, who also co-wrote the song with Adele. It is a minimally produced pop ballad, set to a prominent, sombre piano, and propelled by sparse bass beats. Expressing themes of nostalgia, regret, and forgiveness, the song's lyrics represent Adele's plea to her son, in which she details her struggles with her dissolved marriage and requests him to be kind to her.

Performed Adele
Written Adele Adkins, Greg Kurstin
Composer Adele Adkins, Greg Kurstin
Produced Greg Kurstin, 2021

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Chords & Lyrics "Easy On Me" Adele


[F]   [Dm7]   [F/A]   [Bb]   

[ Verse 1 ]

There ain't [C] no gold in this [Am] river

That I've been

[Em] washing my hands in for[F] ever

I know [G] there [C] is hope in these [Am] waters

But I can't [Em] bring myself to swim

When [F] I am drowning in this silence

Baby, let me [F] in

[ Chorus ]

Go [C] easy[Am] [G] on me, baby

[Em] I was [Am] still a child

[C] Didn't [F] get the chance to

[C] Feel [Am] the [G] world around me

[Em] I had no [Am] time to choose

W[C] hat I [F] chose to do

So go e[C]asy on me[Am] [Em] [F]

[ Verse 2 ]

[G]There ain't [C]no

room for things to c[Am]hange

When we are b[Em]oth so deeply

Stuck in [F]our ways

Y[G]ou can't d[C]eny

How hard[Am] I have tried

I changed [Em]who I was

To put you [F]both first

But now I give[F] up

[ Chorus ]

Go [C]easy[Am] [G]on me, baby

[Em]I was [Am]still a child

[C]Didn't [F]get the chance to

[C]Feel[Am] the [G]world around me

[Em]I had no [Am]time to choose

W[C]hat I [F]chose to do

So go [C]eas[Am]y[Em] on me[F]

[ Bridge ]

[C]I had good inten[Am]tions

And the high[Em]est hopes

But I know right no[F]w

It probably doesn't even [F]show

[ Outro ]

Go [C]easy[Am] [G]on me, baby

[Em]I was [Am]still a child

[C]Didn't [F]get the chance to

[C]Feel[Am] the [G]world around me

[Em]I had no [Am]time to choose

W[C]hat I [F]chose to do

So go e[C]asy on me[Am] [Em] [F]

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